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    1. Sun Yat Sen lithium battery manufacturer explains the working principle and chemical equation of lithium cobate battery

      2020-04-08 511

        The chemical formula of lithium cobaltic acid for lithium cobaltic acid battery is lico02, which is an inorganic compound. It is generally used as the positive electrode data of lithium-ion battery. In the commercially available lithium ion battery, LiCo02 basically selects the liquid phase composition technology of the lithium ion two battery positive pole material (lithium lithium chloride), which is a layered structure. It uses polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) or polyethylene glycol (PEG) as solvent, and lithium salt and drilling salt are dissolved in PVA or PEG aqueous solution respectively. After mixing, the solution is heated to form gel, and the gel is formed. After heating and differentiation, the powder was calcined at high temperature, and then milled and sieved to obtain lithium dilaurate powder.

        LiCoO2 is widely used in high-power lithium-ion batteries. In layered LiCoO2, lithium ions move in two-dimensional between layers of coo2 atomic dense layer, which has the advantages of high working voltage, stable charge discharge voltage, high specific energy and good cycle function.

        Reaction during the charging and discharging process of lithium dilaurate battery:

        Reaction during charging:

        Positive pole: LiCoO2 = li1-xco02 + XLI + + Xe-

        Negative pole: 6C + XLI + + XE - = lixc6.

        Reaction during discharge:

        Positive pole: Li1-xCoO2 + XLI + + XE - = LiCoO2,

        Negative pole: lixc6 = 6C + XLI + + XE -.

        Advantages and disadvantages of lithium cobalt oxide battery:

       ?。?) Advantages of lithium dilaurate:

        1. The electrochemical function is superior: the average capacity attenuation of each cycle is less than 0.05%, and the specific capacity of the first discharge is more than 135mah / g,

        3.6V primary discharge channel ratio > 85%.

        2. Excellent processing function.

        3. The large vibration density helps to improve the volume specific capacity of the battery.

        4. The product has stable functions and good consistency.

        5. It has the advantages of high working voltage, stable discharge, high specific energy and good cycle function.

        6. Suitable for large discharge and lithium ion insertion and removal, it is the first to be used in lithium-ion batteries.

       ?。?) Disadvantages of lithium dilaurate:

        1. The practical capacity of lico02 is about 140mA · H / g, as long as it is about 50% of the theoretical capacity (274ma · H / g).

        2. In the process of repeated charge and discharge, the structure of the active material changes after multiple shrinkage and expansion due to the repeated insertion and release of lithium ions, leading to lico0. The internal resistance increases and the capacity decreases.

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