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    1. Explanation of leakage taste and reason of lithium iron phosphate battery by Zhongshan lithium battery manufacturer

      2020-04-08 539

        There are many reasons for the leakage of the lithium iron phosphate battery, so the leakage conditions are different, and the taste is different. The electrolyte of lithium iron phosphate battery is the organic solvent of alkyl carbonate plus lithium salt, lithium hexafluorophosphate. The solvent is mainly vinyl carbonate, dimethyl carbonate, and the organic solvent is more or less toxic.

        1. The overcharge and overdischarge of the lithium iron phosphate battery lead to the excessive expansion and cracking of the battery drum. This situation is due to the heating of the battery and the violent chemical reaction. At this time, the leakage taste is very irritating and the burnt taste is very strong.

        2. The normal temperature leakage caused by physical damage is not very volatile and has a slightly irritating taste; it is similar to the smell of engine oil, but only about one third as heavy.

        Lithium hexafluorophosphate is easily differentiated to produce hydrogen fluoride, which is highly toxic. Of course, there are other toxic products. The solution splashed on the skin, especially the mucous membrane, can produce soft scabs. Splashing into the eyes can not only damage the cornea, but also make the eyes deeply damaged. After inhalation, the respiratory tract is strongly stimulated or burns are formed. Direct contact of skin and eyes can cause burns; oral burn of digestive tract can cause death. It can be seen that the damage caused by leakage of lithium battery pack is not only to corrode electrical appliances, but also to human beings.

        If the lithium battery pack leaks liquid, the main reasons are:

        1. Excessive internal pressure;

        2. The external package is unqualified.

        3. When welding the shell and cap of the lithium battery pack, the welding is not firm and airtight, there are some problems such as missing welding, lack of welding, cracks and cracks in the welds, etc;

        4. When the steel ball is sealed, the size of the steel ball is not suitable, and the material of the steel ball is different from that of the cap;

        5. The positive pole of the cap is not riveted tightly, there is a gap, and the elasticity of the insulating gasket is not suitable, it is not corrosion-resistant and easy to aging

        a) The aging of sealant leads to cracks in the seal;

        b) Serious overcharge of lithium battery, mixed use of different types of lithium battery pack, poor composite power of battery gas;

        c) When pouring acid, acid splashes out, forming false leakage.

        d) Usually, the output current is too large, the continuous discharge time is too long, and the temperature of the soft coated lithium iron phosphate battery increases. There are also batteries that have been used for a long time with low current, and may leak liquid.

        e) There is no acid in the dry cell. Generally, the battery is zinc chloride and ammonium chloride liquid. Alkaline batteries are potassium hydroxide liquids.

        Leakage treatment method of lithium iron phosphate battery pack:

        1. Check the shell of the lithium iron phosphate battery pack. In many cases, the shell is damaged due to unreasonable installation of the lithium battery, welding slag in the battery box of the frame and collision caused by low chassis of the frame.

        2. Open the cover plate to check whether there is any trace of acid leakage around the safety valve, and then open the safety valve to check whether there is active electrolyte inside the battery.

        3. Under the condition that there is no abnormality in the first two steps, it is required to conduct air tightness test, that is, pressurize and inflate in water to check whether there is bubble, if there is, clarify that there is loss, if not, clarify that it is normal.

        4. During charging, it is necessary to observe whether there is active electrolyte, and if so, extract it.

        Once the leakage place is found, use a knife to clean the surrounding area, and use the battery special glue to stick the leakage port firmly. The reason why the leakage of soft pack lithium battery pack has a great relationship with the quality of the battery itself, so users must identify the authentic high-quality lithium iron phosphate battery pack in the purchase process.

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