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    1. Analysis of Sun Yat Sen solar energy lithium battery

      2020-04-08 526

        Solar street lamp is composed of solar panel, solar controller, battery group, light source, lamp pole and lamp shell. Solar battery is divided into lithium battery and gel battery. Lithium battery has the advantages of long life, environmental protection and high energy density ratio, which is widely used in the work of solar street lamp. Now let's learn from Xiaobian how to check the lithium battery of the solar street lamp if something goes wrong?

        1. Check whether the battery surface is clean and whether there is corrosion and leakage. If there is much dirt on the shell, wipe it with a damp cloth stained with washing powder.

        2. Check whether the appearance of the battery is concave or bulging;

        3. At least once every half a year, tighten the connecting screws between battery cells to prevent looseness, poor contact and other defects. When protecting or replacing the lithium battery, the tools used (such as spanner, etc.) need to be equipped with insulating sleeve to prevent short circuit.


        4. The battery shall be charged in time after discharging. If the battery is under charged in rainy days, the power supply time of the power station shall be stopped or shortened to prevent over discharge of the battery. The power station protection personnel shall keep time to charge the battery evenly, generally 2-3 times a quarter. For the storage battery that has been out of service for a long time (more than 3 months), it shall be recharged and put into operation.

        5. In winter, the insulation work of the battery room should be done well. In summer, the ventilation work of the battery room should be done well. The temperature of the battery room should be controlled between 5 ℃ ~ 25 ℃.

        6. Keep the lighting surface of solar module array clean. In the area with little rain and big sand, it should be cleaned once a month. When cleaning, it should be washed with clear water first, and then wiped dry with clean soft cloth. Do not wash with corrosive solvent or wipe with hard object. Cleaning should be carried out at the time when there is no sunshine or sooner or later. It should be prevented to wash the PV module with cold water when it is exposed to the sun in a white favorable terrain. Very cold water will split the glass cover plate of the PV module.

        7. Punctually check whether the wiring between photovoltaic module boards is solid, whether the wiring in the square array junction box is solid, and tighten as required; check whether the photovoltaic module is damaged or abnormal, such as damage, grid line disappearance, hot spot, etc.; check whether the bypass diode in the photovoltaic module junction box works normally. When there is a problem with the PV module, it shall be replaced in time and the detailed device distribution position of the module in the PV array shall be recorded in detail.

        To sum up, we should check and maintain the lithium battery of solar street lamp once a year, which can extend the service life of solar street lamp.

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