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    1. PRODUCT

      ABOUT US

              Zhongshan Qiangyuan new energy Co., Ltd., established on April 28, 2019, is a new energy enterprise integrating R & D, production and sales. Mainly engaged in the research and development, production and sales of solar energy storage and control integrated machine, lithium battery group, two body solar street lamp, solar energy projection lamp and solar energy peripheral products. Have a complete and scientific quality management system. Committed to providing customers with quality solutions. Products are widely used in road lighting, security monitoring, UPS backup power supply, electronic health care products, machinery manufacturing and other fields. In line with the strong source and strong core product values. The business philosophy of strong alliance and win-win cooperation. The integrity, strength and product quality of Zhongshan Qiangyuan new energy Co., Ltd. are recognized by the industry. Welcome friends from all walks of life to visit, guide and business negotiation.


      Why choose US?

      Fine quality

      Professionally create high-quality lithium batteries and other products, using high-precision, high-standard product materials; multiple types, sufficient stock, reliable quality, and guaranteeing the use of customers.

      Direct deal

      Products are professionally produced and processed by manufacturers. It is easy to control the output of products and shorten the product manufacturing cycle. It helps customers shorten the procurement chain, save costs, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises in the market.

      Professional R & D

      Has a group of experienced and experienced technical team specialized in research and development, can make specific planning and design for different customer needs; adhere to the quality of Seiko, quality is consistent.

      After-sale service

      The company adhering to the corporate spirit of "responsibility, integrity, service"; high-quality service system, professionals answer your doubts online, and provide customers with satisfactory service before and after sales.